Excess fluid in pregnant uterus

Excess fluid in pregnant uterus may not be good.
Fetus who is unborn baby need fluid to swim in and to drink it in uterus. This fluid vary in amount during pregnancy depending on the duration of pregnancy.
When the amount of fluid in the uterus is above the expected amount, it is called polyhydraminosis.The amount of fluid in uterus during pregnancy can be easly measured by doctors who give care for pregnant women.
The fluid in the uterus during pregnancy is essential for lung development of the fetus and as nutrition for the fetus (unborn baby). When the amount exceeds the expected level,it shows that the fetus is not drinking and using it. This condition usually occur when there is abnormality in the alimentary tract which hinder the fetus to drink fluid.
Therefore when the pregnant mother told that there is excess fluid in uterus (polyhydraminosis), she might have fetus having some kind of gastrointestinal tract obstructive anomalies. But this may not occur always but the baby need to be evaluated by competent doctor during delivery. The doctor will try to find any problem of the baby that may caused excess fluid in uterus.
There are several babies who die due to delay in treatment of their congenital (born with) problems due to ignoring this important sign during pregnancy. This problem is especially common in the developing countries.
It is the right of a pregnant mother to ask her doctor about health status of her baby before and after birth.
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This is to create awarness for the general population about congenital abnormalities in babies that cause polyhydraminosis.

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